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#: NK0160

Product description

SpeedCoach Gold - Unit Only Advance your training with NK's latest training tool—the Speed Coach Gold Rowing System. The Speed Coach Gold has the same great features as the red Speed Coach, with a few new features to help you get more out of your time on the water.

Run a timed workout automatically
Review your performance
Save and graph your training history
Backlit Display

Even when you are rowing in the dark, you won't be kept in the dark when it comes to your performance measurements. The backlight will automatically illuminate in low-light conditions so you can continue to monitor your performance. If you row in the dark, you need the Speed Coach Gold.

Increased Memory Capacity
Now with over 500 memory points, the Speed Coach Gold can store your workout to almost any degree of detail. Storage intervals can be set for time, distance, or number of strokes. For example, to see extended data for a long row, set the storage interval for every 100meters; for more detailed data, set the storage interval for 10 seconds. Or, set the interval to every stroke and review an entire 2000 meter race.

Programmable Workouts
You can now run customized workouts with the Speed Coach Gold, which is especially useful for training without a coach. Simply program each interval for time, distance or number of strokes to create interval workouts, pyramids, castles, or any other customized workout. Performance for up to 100 intervals can be stored and recalled.


$342.95 CAD