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#: NK0173

Product description

SpeedCoach XL3 - Unit Only XL1 plus real-time performance data transmission send/receive. Every unit can be programmed to work as a transmitter in a boat, or a receiver for a coach. A minimum of two XL3 or XL4 units are required to transmit and receive data. Additional XL3 and XL4 units can be added to build a multi-boat network -- up to eight boat transmitter units and unlimited coach units can operate on one secure network. The coach unit displays data from one boat at a time, but can step quickly through data screens for each boat on the network. Boats and coaches can join or leave the group on the fly, but all must have the secure code to exchange data. Multi-channel operation and frequency-hopping prevent interference and keep data secure.

This is UNIT & BUMPER ONLY. All wiring is sold separately.


$667.95 CAD