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SpeedCoach GPS w HeartRate

#: NK0181

Product description

Price is in US dollars - converted to CDN at time of shipment. Wireless speed, distance and heart rate for rowers! INTRO price until end of 2013. NO WIRES! Time of day displayed on top of flex screen! Flexible strap system – wrap, click and row! GPS or Impeller - Speed over land or water is accurately measured and clearly displayed. Every performance measurement on the flexible four window layout. LCD technology provides a crisp, high-resolution, graphical display – easy to read day or night with automatic backlight. 200-point memory to store and review your workout. Rechargeable batteries provide 5-8 hours of rowing time (backlight dependent). The SpeedCoach GPS with Heart Rate has a flexible four window layout. These two primary measurements are always on screen in the top two windows: Stroke Rate Speed/Split The bottom two "flex" windows are user selectable for the following measurements: Heart Rate Elapsed Time Distance Average Speed/Split Stroke Count Distance Per Stroke Includes carry pouch, lanyard, battery charger, mounting strap, heart rate monitor belt and your choice color protective bumper. Pre-order your unit now for tentative shipping on 9/30. Shipping is dependent on Early Adopter Program feedback.


$479.95 CAD